Manou the Swift
"Manou the Swift" is a feature film mainly produced at Luxx Studios in Stuttgart. Ambient Entertainment helped out and animated about 24 minutes of the movie. It is about a young orphan swift growing up with a family of sea gulls who took him in when he still was an egg. When he realizes that he is not a gull he leaves his foster home and tries to find his place in the world. He meets other swifts, finds first love and new friends and has to bring swifts and gulls together to help them all through great danger.

Watch a first teaser here.
Happy Family
"Happy Family" is a movie based on David Safier's bestselling novel of the same name. After 4 feature movies developed in collaboration with Konstantin Film, "Happy Family", like "Back to Gaya", is Ambient Entertainments own production. With some breaks because of other smaller projects I worked over a time of more than three years on that project and learned so much about animation that I am starting to feel experienced ;)

Watch the trailer here.
Happy Family 4D
"Happy Family 4D" is a 4D movie for Europaparks "4D Magic Cinema" and stars our friends from "Happy Family". Due to a misunderstanding they provoke the anger of a witch at them and get turned into monsters. While experiencing the roller coaster ride of their lives they have to catch the witch and bring her to jinx them back into their human form.

Watch the trailer here.
The Time Carousel
"The Time Carousel" is a 4D movie for Europaparks "4D Magic Cinema" and the second adventure of Euromaus and his friends. The evil Nachtkrabb wants to get rid of Euromaus and his gang and tricks them into an odyssey through time trying to keep them trapped in the past. Our friends have to work together to beat the Nachtkrabb, prohibit his plans and find a way back home.

Watch the trailer here.
The 7th Dwarf
The 7th Dwarf is a german coproduction of several companies. I know about Zipfelmützenfilm, Animationsfabrik, Trixter, Scopas, Virgin Lands and of course Ambient Entertainment. AE did about 16 minutes of final animation. For me it was my favourite project to work on because of the toony style and the great rigs and characters we worked with.

You find the Dwarfs homepage here.
Tarzan was the first big motion capture project I worked on. Capturing and editing was done by Metricminds. Except the shots that had to be keyframed, for example swimming and vine swinging, only facials, hands, fingers, feet and toes were animated by animators. Therefore our work was not that exciting, the project itself however was very interesting to work on.

You find the Tarzan homepage here.
Animals United
Animals United is the first film for theaters I worked on. I created character animations for many different characters. That made it both diversified and challenging. It was a great experience working with this team of excellent animators, I learned a lot and made new friends as well. The movie will be in theaters in autumn 2010. In Germany at least.

You can watch the trailer here.
They will come to town
They will come to town is the thesis project of Thilo Ewers and Holger Wenzl for the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. My friend Ellen and I animated the whales for this social spot.

You can see some still images and watch the spot here.
Descendants is the thesis project of Holger Schönberger and Heiko van der Scherm for the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. My friend Goro and I went there to help out with the animation. What was planned as three month animation practice turned into over one year of full-time production :) But we are very happy with the final piece.
Descendants is a 14 minute animated short about the wish of attaining the unattainable and about the fact that something good can evolve from something evil. After two years on many festivals Descendants has amongst others won the Jury Special Prizes at Sicaf and Mundos Digitales 2008 and the Grand Prize at Tokyo Anime Award 2009. You can read more at CGTalk and watch the movie here.

Heiko van der Scherm, Holger Schönberger, Bernhard Haux, Goro Fujita, Felix Graf.

What did I do:
animation, fur.

running time: 14:29 min

This was our thesis movie. We wanted to do something special and very nice to look at, but because of immense lack of time it did not turn out in any way like we planned. But that does not mean it is bad, I still love it for what it is. Watch the movie here.

Moritz Bunk, Marc Mueller, Felix Graf.

What did I do:
preproduction, shading, lighting & rendering, compositing.

running time: 4:09 min

the orkbabies
The orkbabies
At the end of the german filmschool five other students and me decided to produce a short together. We were from three different classes and we worked additionally to the required projects. Once again we all learned a lot and we won the International Golden Panda at the Sichuan TV Festival in 2005. You can watch the movie here.

Marco Wilz, Goro Fujita, Stephan Stoelting, Jens Ole Bukowsky,
Jan Maroske, Felix Graf.

What did I do:
preproduction, modeling, texturing, puppet rigging, animation.

running time: 5:01 min

a footbag animation project
A footbag animation project
My so called solo project. When I did this short piece of animation I already knew I would specialise in animation so I did not come up with a cool idea for a story, I just animated. That of course was a lot of fun. It took me around 1.5 month to complete this little piece. Watch it here.

running time: 0:52 min

kong and bird
Kong and Bird
The first big 3D project at the german filmschool at the end of the second semester. All in all production took about 3-4 month. We really learned a lot ^^ The short also made second place at the Bielefelder Film and Video Challenge 2004. Watch it here.

Goro Fujita, Moritz Bunk, Felix Graf.

What did I do:
story & direction, character design (Bird), texturing, compositing,
lighting & rendering, animation, environment.

running time: 3:55 min

the beauty of life
cg talk choice award august 2003
The Beauty Of Life
The Beauty Of Life was the big project of the first semester at the german filmschool. It took about one year of production because everything was drawn by hand. It placed first at the animago award 2003 in the alternative category. Enjoy it here.

Moritz Bunk, Patrick Kreuser, Goro Fujita, Marc Mueller, Sylvia Kratzsch, Christian Miletzki, Felix Graf.

What did I do:
animation (hands, dog, butterfly), animo colouring and compositing, transitions.

running time: 9:11 min