Back in Hannover 03.11.2019

Since March 2019 I am back in Hannover working at Mack Animation - formerly Ambient Entertainment. While my freelancing tour before was pretty fun and exciting it is also nice to be back in my apartment, not having to travel all the time and be around my friends and old colleagues again.

The first six month I worked on various small projects and single animations for several Europa Park rides and attractions. Followed by one big shot of a mermaid and a merman playing tag by shooting lightnings. The about 20 seconds long piece took me approximately 6 weeks to finish and might be the most complicated shot I worked on so far. So go check it out!
Now finally animation production of Happy Family 2 has started. After lots of commercial work and other kinds of projects it is nice to work on a feature project again.

Dortmund, Tampere, Hamburg, Bremen 03.11.2019

From early 2018 till February 2019 I was freelancing for a few different studios on several projects. Including my first project outside of Germany.

First stop The Puppeteers in Dortmund. I worked on two imagefilms, one commercial and on an easter special short film. After that I flew out to Tampere, Finland, to work on a commercial spot for a supermarket chain. I have to thank the whole team at Troll VFX for this nice experience. While it was a ton of work everyone was so kind and welcoming and relaxed that it was a pleasure to be part of all that. After that two gigs at Liga01 Computerfilm followed. Commercials for the mobile games Elvenar and Forge of Empires. What a pleasure to work with this welcoming and talented team in the heart of Hamburg. The final stop of this tour was The Soulcage Department in Bremen. A small but dedicated company with talented people and really interesting projects.

Creature Factory 12.12.2017

From August to October I worked at Creature Factory in Bremen, a studio of a friend of mine. We had the task to animate a set of cycles for a couple of cute designed animals for a mobile game. The challenge was to find varying ways for different animals to eat, sleep, get up, lay down, dance, get excited etc. Pretty different from working on a movie and animating acting shots that tell a story.

But it is really cool and rewarding to see the animals running through a game engine interactively with ones own animations. Sadly the project got cancelled before completion.

Manou the Swift 15.07.2017

For the last three month I worked on "Manou the Swift". It is a feature film about a little swift who grows up with sea gulls and has to find out who he is and where he belongs to. I really love the story and I am excited to see it someday but at the moment I do not know when it is supposed to be released.

Since all the main characters are birds it was an interesting and challenging project for me to work on. Usually most of the characters are bipeds with arms instead of wings but I enjoyed the alternation and learned a lot.

Happy Family 13.03.2017

Happy Family is done! At least on the animation side. I animated my last shot at the end of 2016. From the first teaser to the last shot Happy Family accompanied me for more than 3 years. Along the way we also produced "Time Carousel" and "Happy Family 4D", both 4D movies for Europa Park, and a VR ride with the characters of Happy Family for one of Europa Parks rollercoasters. After Happy Family we also did a VR ride for an amusement park in Mexico. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun working on the movie I am glad that it is finished now. It looks absolutely great and you can see that everyone put in their best work. To my knowledge it will be released in autumn 2017.

At this point I am gladly looking forward to new projects in 2017 and maybe some new characters to animate and tell interesting stories with.

The 7th Dwarf 09.01.2014

2013 definetely was a year that had everything. A lot of work, too. After Tarzan we worked on a trailer for a new feature film, a music video, some small clips, a 4D motion ride and after that we animated 16 minutes for "The 7th Dwarf". The last one was animated in a very toony style, what made it especially great to work on.

Tarzan will hit the german theaters in February and Dwarfes in September 2014.

Tarzan 18.08.2012

The last entry was almost two years ago. A lot has happend since then but I try to keep it short. 18 months I spent in Berlin, what is pretty funny, if you read the previous entry. I worked at zoobe, a company providing a service for animated messages. It was a new experience for me coming from film and commercials. And I met great people who were both creative and also great to work with. A time I will never forget.

Since May I am back in Hannover and for three months now I am working at Ambient Entertainment at a project called "Tarzan". It is great to meet my old colleagues again and I am excited about working on movies for the rest of the year.

Berlin and Konferenz der Tiere 27.10.2010

Konferenz der Tiere (Animals United) has finally hit the theaters across Germany and seems to be a big success. If you are interested in animated movies, what you probably are, or have kids who like to watch movies go see it. It has lots of great animation in it.

This weekend I will leave Hannover for a few months to work in Berlin. I am looking forward to work with interesting people and to see my friends and family again, see you soon in Berlin.

Descendants online 06.03.2010

After two successful years and many festivals around the world "Descendants" is finally online. Read more about it in the work section and make sure you watch it, you won't be disappointed ;) I updated my CV as well.

Animals United 30.01.2010

I finished working on Animals United in December 2009. It was lots of work and also lots of fun and it looks absolutely great. You will find a trailer link in the work section. After vacation and some relaxation time I am looking forward to new and interesting projects.

Ambient Entertainment 28.03.2009

After spending the end of 2008 in Frankfurt at Pixomondo Studios working on a tv feature I moved to Hannover in January. Here I work at Ambient Entertainment, a nice company producing their fourth fully 3D-animated feature film in a row. I will work here as a character animator until autumn.

Welcome to normalart 16.09.2008

Hello and welcome to normalart. I finally had the time to give normalart a complete makeover. Now you can find out about me and my work and contact me if you want to. I hope you like it.